Monday, November 10, 2008

Help Your Children Write Creatively!!! Writing Activities for Kids

  • Encourage your children to write by giving them a picture from a magazine. Tell them to write for 10 minutes without moving their pencil off the page. Ask them to write anything they want about the picture they are looking at but not to stop.

  • Play a game called writing charades. 1. Write down 10 nouns: these can be people, places, or things and you may include proper name. 2. Write down 10 verbs. 3. Write down 10 adjectives. Keep each pile separate. A child picks one paper from each pile. They are to write a story including the three words you provided. They have 15 minutes to write continuously. At the end of the 15 minutes, have your child give you three clues to what their story is about and then you guess. This is a fun activity that motivates children to write!!!

  • Visit the following websites for fun writing activities for kids: or


  1. This is really good. You put a lot of thought into this project. Very informative. Robin

  2. Your pictre and colors are very nice!!
    You should have used this for comp class!!

  3. This is very well done and interesting